We have a wide range of Health & Safety courses tailored for you!

We would like to introduce you to Livingstone-Training, a new training company offering a wide range of approved health and safety courses but with some outstanding differences.

Tailored Courses

We are able to tailor and provide courses to meet your personal and specific site terequirements. These can include any of the elements from our other courses and we can supplement these with a wide range of skills and practices additional to those in our other courses. Use our simple First Aid Requirements Calculator to accurately calculate how many first aiders you need and the level of training they require.

Fire Safety and Awareness

We are able to offer a range of exciting and interactive fire safety courses for your staff employees. For further information on how we can provide you with the Fire Safety Training and Equipment and Servicing that your company requires to conform to the new Fire Safety Regulations


The course will include:
Fire Safety Training
Fire Extinguiseher Maintenance and Servicing
Fire Hydrant Maintenance
Dry Riser Servicing